Summer 2016

Journal of School Administration Research and Development (ISSN 2470-850X) 

Vol. 1, No.1; Summer 2016summer 2016 JSARD cover

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Table of Contents

Q and A Dialogue: Principal Selection and Development (pdf)

David Schuler, Township High School District 214, IL 

Leigh Wallace, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The School Climate-Student Achievement Connection: If We Want Achievement Gains, We Need to Begin by Improving the Climate (pdf)

John Shindler, California State University, Los Angeles

Albert Jones, California State University, Los Angeles

A. Dee Williams, California State University, Los Angeles

Clint Taylor, California State University, Los Angeles

Hermenia Cadenas, California State University, Los Angeles

The Relation Between easyCBM and Smarter Balanced Reading and Mathematics Assessments (pdf)

Julie Alonzo, University of Oregon

Disciplinary Consequences in Grade 6 Students as a Function of Race, Ethnicity, and Economic Status (pdf)

Myriam Quintero Khan, Spring Independent School District, TX

John R. Slate, Sam Houston State University

Goal Setting to Increase Student Academic Performance (pdf)

Ronnie Dotson, Carter County Schools, KY

The “Othering” of Men in Early Childhood Education (pdf)

Kevin McGowan, Sam Houston State University

Book Review: Improving Reading Comprehension of Middle and High School Students (pdf)

Peggy McCardle, PM Consulting and Haskins Laboratories, CT